Pre-Grow & Out-Grow


After ‘graduating’ from our hatchery facility, animals get placed inside the nursery, where they spend the next 2-5 months in a partially controlled environment.

Here they can receive all the nutrients contained in the surrounding waters, while remaining under the close watch of our team.

Clams undergo regular size grading to ensure that all animals are of similar size, which improves growth rate as larger animals don’t get to out-compete the smaller ones.

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For the final stage of production, our clams are moved to the outgrow area, where they get planted in soil to replicate natural behaviour most accurately.

Thetis owns 11 hectares of the venetian lagoon specifically for this purpose, we also collaborate with fisherman for an area over 30 hectares.

The area is under constant monitoring and undergoes regular cleaning by our team to benefit both our production and the surrounding ecosystem